Monday, May 15, 2017

Life Goes On

It's May and things are moving right along.
Sis is moving from one rehab facility to another at the end of this month.

I am getting MORE chickens. A guy who works with Honeyman has chickens pooping on his pool cover so he doesn't want them anymore.
I have no idea what kind. Apparently, there are six. Though, I am not sure. At first, it was four or five and now it is six. But, they are all hens and still lay eggs.

I am down to eight dozen chicken eggs in my fridge right now and about a dozen duck eggs.
So, I definitely need more layers.
No, wait.
I just checked and I have nine plus the partial dozen that I have been using.

I am working on my garden. My lettuce was starting to come up and now it is gone.
Darn bunnies! Or squirrels. Or whatever.

I have learned that Jimmy Johns uses a wee bit much lettuce when making their unwich.
It's a lettuce wrap sandwich.
Any sandwich can be made into an unwich. But, you really, really need to like lettuce or get a sandwich with lots of stuff to combat all the lettuciness.

I did survive Mother's Day at my mother's house. Her moods are unpredictable so I didn't know how things would go.
Stopped on the way home to visit Sis at rehab.
I made and took her some apple crisp, which she loved. She will not eat much. Apparently, the food is bad. She needs to eat to get better and I told her so. But, that does not appear to sway her.
But, she can have food brought in if it meets her diet.
The best part of yesterday was her thanking me. I asked her for what and she answered "Everything."


  1. Such an adventure with the chickens and the eggs! Glad you are able to help your sister as you can and provide some things she enjoys eating. its hard to adjust to "industrial" type food like that in nursing homes, rehab centers, hospitals, etc.


    1. Betty, some days I feel like I all do is feed the chickens and ducks and collect their eggs. She said it has no taste and is overcooked.

  2. Food that they serve is just blah indeed. Great you could give her something far better to eat. Sure having quite the chicken spree at your sea.

    1. Pat, she also complained the only seasoning available was salt and pepper. Sunday even the aid said something about why they didn't even have Parmesan cheese for the pasta. I will never go hungry, that's for sure.

  3. So wonderful she has you! I bet the food doesn't taste lol that great but she will get her taste buds back. Maybe you can get the chickens because the eggs are so good compared to the store bought ones

    1. Birgit, unfortunately something broke into the coop and got all of the chickens before the guy called to have us go get them. I have enough chickens laying so I am fine in that regard. It is too bad they got killed though. I am just glad she enjoyed what I took her. Thanks.

  4. One day, I want chickens. Maybe in a few years. Too busy now.

    1. Debby, I never thought I would want chickens. Yet, here I am.

  5. My fridge is filled wit Ostrich eggs. There isn't any room for anything else.

  6. I've already got the garden, but no chickens. I would love to have chickens, with how often I eat farm fresh eggs. I like the idea of having the source come straight to me.

    Oh, and your sister is very lucky to have you.

  7. ABFTS,If you weren't 2 states away, I'd give you some eggs. A lot of people around here don't seem to like to drive anywhere for food if they can just get it at the store. We have even offered free stuff from the garden, but they don't want to come get it.
    It's nice having a garden. :)


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