Friday, April 28, 2017

Crazy Days

Today, I am taking a lazy day.

The last couple of months have been mentally draining.

Honeyman got his diagnosis of IgA nephropathy. The antibodies that fight infection are causing problems with his kidneys. That is an autoimmune kidney disease and that in turn caused his failing kidneys. Right now, they are attempting to slow how fast they crap out.

Been taking several trips to see my sister. She will, hopefully, be headed to rehab shortly.

I started a fundraiser on to help with medical expenses.

This was taken this past Sunday and she is looking a lot better than she was.

This is my big sister, Sheila.

A couple days ago, I spent the day making noodles, mac and cheese, bread, and cookies to take to my brother-in-law and my nephew. It's nice to not have to worry about fixing a meal sometimes.
My daughter and I drove out and delivered it yesterday.

Sheila is the sister I have written about before. She has her own jewelry making business.
She has a published a short story and just finished the first draft on a full-length paranormal romance novel.
The couple days before her stroke, she had started working on edits.

This is all the stuff I have been doing.
I decided to take the day and no do a whole lot.
I have done a fair share of lounging around.

Sometimes you just gotta do that.


  1. You certainly have a lot on your hands. Take rest and eat right. Taking care of someone with medical issues can take a lot out of us. I know that nap times are important but for some reason we cannot bring ourselves to take more than needed so I am sure you need rest.

    1. Munir, I find it very hard to relax enough to take a nap.

  2. Sorry to hear about your sister's stroke; I hope she does make a complete recovery from it. That was kind of you to make food to take to your BIL/nephew. A home cooked meal can make a world of difference when dealing with stressful times like this. Down time for you is also good; our bodies and minds need that time to recharge as we are going through hard/emotional/tough times, etc.


    1. Betty, thanks. I hope she does too. So far, fatigue is plaguing her. Hopefully that will improve as time goes by and she starts rehab.

  3. A lot sure hitting at once indeed. A home cooked meal can sure make a big difference too. And yeah, we all need a break here and there for sure.

    1. Pat, It was nice to just not think about any of it. I got another Alex Delaware novel started that kept staring at me.

  4. With all that to handle, my heart goes out to you. I so sorry about your sister and your husband. I hope your day of rest helped a bit. It's a lot of work staying strong. Stay focused on the positive, sweet lady. Much love.

    1. Thanks, Yvonne. Sis went to rehab so she is only an hour and a half round trip away instead of four. So, easier to visit. I worry about her fatigue and hope it gets better. I am going to stay as positive as I can.

  5. After a whole boatload of stress and hard work, doing a whole lot of nothing is the best feeling in the world. And saving someone who's under that same kind of stress (if not more) the hassle of cooking goes a LONG way.

    I hope your hubby and your sister soon find themselves on the road to recovery.

  6. ABFTS, My nephew got difficult when we tried to take the food in. We are talking refusing to let us in the house difficult. My husband is not quite so exhausted because of the treatment. Just once I would like to hear from a doctor, "I am sorry, I screwed up by not doing anything sooner." It's not like having only 1/3 of your kidney function is a problem or anything.
    Sis is in rehab and improving. A few mental blips here and there, but I hope that will go away.


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