Wednesday, January 28, 2015

They Are Gonna Do What

Ther verdict is in.

Probably celiac and possibly Crohn's disease.
I am foregoing the endoscopy and heading straight for colonoscopy.

Giving up gluten forever is gonna be tricky, but it is doable and I have accepted that.
Crohn's, on the other hand, scares the bejeezus out of me.

Crohn's is chronic inflammation of the intestines~ triggered by what no one is sure of.
There is a genetic link between it and celiac and some people are lucky enough to get both.

I am very anti-medication so if it is Crohn's I have a lot to think about.
Some people successfully treat flares naturally.

On one hand, I hope that is what it is.
So, I know what is wrong.

Is it horrible that the first thing I thought of when he told me I needed it was "how are we going to pay for this?"

I think the biggest part I miss of Honeyman's old job was no deductible.
Just a copay.
Outpatient surgeries were a $10 copay to the surgeon.

Now, it's a higher copay with deductible and 80/20 after that.
Which is normal.
I was spoiled.

But, Honeyman says we will figure it out.

When, I figured the taxes the other day, I thought we made less so we obviously won't owe as much.
I don't know what fantasy land I was living in.

I know that is off topic, but the whole money thing made me think it.

What is my take away from all this?
Foods hate me.
I don't know why.
I never did a thing to them.


  1. You're right. You've been good to food - preserving it, prettying it up...sorry you've been going through all this. = ( I'll be keeping you in my thoughts.

  2. Listen to Honeyman. Do what you need to do. Your health is too important. As far as a colonoscopy...? The bright side is that it can end up being a funny story. My colonoscopy inspired "Journey to the Center of My Bowels."
    On an unrelated note, how can I have a look at your book? I'd like to do so and give a review (I'll even use verbs!).

    1. Al, as much as I don't want to, I will have it done. I remember that post. is the link to my little book. My second one is still stuck on my hard drive to be hopefully recovered. Your book is in my cart. Thanks.

    2. I have your book, Ruth, I have really enjoyed your recipes.

  3. My ex-neighbor has Crohns. He seems fine except he lost a lot of weight.

  4. Susie, the good news is that it can be controlled with meds and figuring out what the triggers are to keep the flares to a minimum. Too much of the different meds can be bad, but so is losing part of the intestine if it progresses too much. I am glad he is doing fine. It is good to hear people live well with it.

  5. Hey Ruth, I'm sorry foods hate you - damn them to all hell. Just for that I'll chomp down hard on the next thing I eat and give it a oral beating - hope that makes you feel a little better… :) :)

    I'm also sad to read you folks in the States have the medical system you have. Just the other day I went with Miss CP to an appointment for an Ultrasound, after a recent bout of stomach problems and there was no upfront cost. Yes, we pay, like I do as an self employed person, but it's a flat $67/mo all inclusive. That covers going to the GP and all other expenses. I'm glad I don't have that as an added worry given my horrific diagnosis last year. Now, if only I could grow a spare liver! hahaha

    All laughing aside, I'm sending hugs and hoping this all settles to the point that whatever it is you can live with it on a friendly basis.

    Sending happy thoughts, Jenny xxoo

    1. Jenny, our medical care system is so messed up. The ACA did some good, but it also ended up doing some bad things too. Lots of people end up in bankruptcy in this country due to medical bills. Other people go on disability just to be able to take care of medical stuff. Pretty sad state of affairs.
      I can not imagine $67/month. Dental insurance alone costs more than that.
      I broke down yesterday and took some acetaminophen yesterday and was able to sleep all night for the first time in a long while.
      I knew I could count on you to get after the food.

  6. I am sorry that the first thing doctor's offices are interested is in how they will get paid. Whatever happened to the old fashioned dedication to serving human beings when they entered medical school?
    Crohns sounds like it has pretty bad symptoms. Hopefully you will be able to get treatment for it (I if you have it). You are right about finding for sure. This way one can accept and work with the meds.
    Today's health insurances hit us with a double whammy. First the premiums and then the deductible. Also the old fashioned tax breaks have become a thing of the past.
    All of the facts are there to get us. Let me tell you this. I know it does not really help to know that others are suffering as much as you are, but I guess it might divert you a little. Actually, what helps most of us is a promise they make for treating themselves with something good after the whole procedure is over and we look forward to that treat. Do not worry about the money right now. Just listen to the doctors.
    You might actually have a better relationship with food once you have an idea of what you actually are suffering from. It might be interesting to create dishes that taste good in spite of taking out certain ingredients. You are a great cook. This actually might put some light on your cooking from a different angle. I am sure you will come up with something yummy.

    1. Thanks, Munir. The more I read about Crohn's and possible complications, the more I worry. Stress doesn't help so I need to relax.


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