Monday, February 2, 2015

I Love You ~ Spacially Speaking

What is this "I love you to the moon and back" business?
Where did it come from?

I can't fathom the reasoning behind such a phrase.
Aren't we suppose to love unconditionally, i.e. without boundaries?

To the moon and back is pretty much boundarified.
The average distance to the moon is 238,857 miles.
So, back to earth is that much.

But, depending on time of day, it could be less or more.

That means I could love you more on Friday at 11:30 am than I do on Sunday at 4:30 pm.
Maybe less, depending where in the world we are.

I actually like to just say "I love you" and leave it that.
Simple and and uncomplicated.

Sometimes I use the phrase "Always and forever".
The one spoken to knows what that means.

But, for those that think an "I love you" is just not good enough, I would like to propose a change.

I love you... infinity and beyond!


  1. That made me smile. I'm a huge fan of not having it said to me in words but rather with action - "show me the love" or money… I love that too! OL

  2. Jenny, that is very true. The words don't mean much if there is no action to back it up. I never heard it growing up so I like hearing the words too.

  3. Hey, that still beats when a kid says "I love you this much!" and spreads out their hands. You only love me four and a half feet? What did I do to deserve that kind of hatred?

    1. Now, that you mention it, my daughter once gave me one of those bear cards that says that. I wonder if I should be sad.

  4. You are funny. My nephew told me once "I love you forever." I'll never forget that, and it has no boundaries.

    PS I think it was said on an old time TV show, maybe??

    1. Robyn, that is very sweet.
      No idea where it came from. I just see lots of people saying it. I thought maybe a book, but you could be right.


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