Monday, January 12, 2015

Well Here I Am

Jenny, over at Pearson Report, let me know I have been missed.
By her- anyway.

So, I guess I should shit or get off the pot in regards to posting.

I haven't been in the most upbeat of moods as of late.
So, I have nothing real witty to come up with.

Well, there is that.

Money and health have been my enemies as of late.
Lots of people understand money and health issues so I didn't want to piss and moan about it.

I did have to give up all gluten.
Do you know how many things have barley malt?
Rice Krispies, corn flakes, some choclates, etc, etc.
If it doesn't have wheat, it may have shared equipment and is contaminated.
Some alcohols are gluten free but aged in grain barrels are some barrels are sealed with gluten. WTH?

It has yet to be determined if it is gluten intolerance or celiac. Same symptoms, but celiac will destroy villi in small intestine or cause a skin rash.
I am leaning toward celiac due to rash.
I go to a specialist in a few weeks to see about it.

At that point, I may have to go back on gluten for a while.
But, if I do, I will be making it count.
Can we say Twix candy bars and homemade cinnamon rolls?


  1. I was just wondering how you are, so it's great to see you here, Ruth. I've missed you too. I agree, you need to indulge in Twix and -even better, much better- homemade cinnamon rolls plus whatever else picks up your spirits and tastes yummy. Take care and don't be too much of a stranger.

    1. Thanks, Robyn. I will try not to be a stranger.
      I figure if this is going to be my big last hurrah in wheaty, gluteny goodness, I better make it count.

  2. I can say the same thing about nuts. Do you know how many things have nuts?
    A lot of things. We have a nut allergy in the house.

    1. I know it, Susie. It just really sucks, doesn't it?

  3. Hey, girlfriend… so good to see you out and about. Tis true, I've been missing you!

    I know you'll get a handle on this gluten demon once the tests get done. Hopefully it's a conclusive find.

    As to the Twix, by weapon of mass gut distraction is Crispy Crunch bars… yum - I'm heading out to run an errand (okay, laundry to the laundromat - still waiting for painter to finish laundry room) and I'm sooooo going to buy 2 Crispy Crunch bars - and, I'll pretend I'm sharing one with you… you'll love it! hahahaha

    Happy Day - Smiles coming your way. Hugs, Jenny xxoo

    1. yuck to typos…. it's "my" weapon of mass gut "destruction" - jeez, two in on comment - damn, I'm losing my touch! (almost wrote touché) hahahahahha

    2. Crunch bars are yum, Jenny. Thanks. I will pretend I ate it. :)

    3. Just for you, I ended up buying a Twix and really enjoyed it. Since there are two bars I let you have one - oh to be little and pretend, eh! hahaha I do know you really enjoyed it, if that helps! :) :)

  4. Sorry to hear about having to go gluten-free.

    I haven't been blogging like I was - just got busy and trying to get back into the swing of it again. Glad you're kinda back.

    1. Thanks, Coffee Lady. It is hard to get everything done and still have time for blogging.

  5. Only get off the pot if you're done shitting, though.

  6. And to think, there are people who do this whole 'gluten free' thing just for kicks, thinking it somehow is a diet (it's not). Whatever you have, I hope you get it sorted out, because no one should have to drink gluten free beer. Ick!

    1. ABFTS, I have been looking at other adult beverage possibilities. I have heard some GF beers coming out are pretty good. I am worried about trying any though.


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