Monday, April 7, 2014

Worth Mentioning - April 7, 2014

OK, well, Blogger is trying to make this more trouble than it has to be.
My dashboard is not showing any blogs, no matter how many times I refresh.
It would have made it easier to find what I was looking for.

But, no.

Anyway, I thought I would pick a fellow blogger as my first "worth mentioning".

Robyn Alana Engel has a blog - Life by Chocolate. I never told her this, but I love her middle name. I used to want to give that name to any girl child I had. Alternate spelling, but same name.
I always wanted that name, but Honeyman wanted differently so we picked a different name for our daughter.
Of course, now he tells me that if I always wanted that name, we could have given her that. Seventeen years later!

Robyn is a social worker/ author from California.
She loves all things chocolate( well, I am not sure about chocolate covered bacon because she is Jewish) and is a very thoughtful person.
She is always telling me to be well and have a great weekend.

Robyn's a caring person.
Last November she gave away chocolates(fair trade) and a copy of her book to a breast cancer survivor.
I believe that everyone who entered ended up with a book too.
The woman I entered won and was so touched she sent me a thank you card.

She lives in Chico, California and shows pictures of her city and seeing Dupont, the horse dressed up is fun.
I really like her celibacy posts.

In 2012, Robyn wrote a book of poetry.
This is the book she sent out.
It is called Just the Right Time and is illustrated by Robin Mead.

 Have  great Monday!


  1. What an awesome surprise to visit your blog and see this post dedicated to me and mine and Robin's book. Ruth, I'm so touched! I'm ecstatic right now. Thank you. Thank you. I've appreciate your friendship, spunk and "tell it like it is" manner for several years (I think we go back a bit).

    PS Vosges bacon flavored dark chocolate is to die for. But don't tell my rabbi I said that. Wink.

    Love ya.
    Thanks again,

  2. PS excuse the typos - I got overly excited (eg "me and mine and Robin's book"). LOL. There are two and not three of us who created the book.

    1. Well, Robyn there are different facets to your personality so we will go with that. :)
      You deserve it!
      I won't tell.

  3. Replies
    1. :), Susie. I've done that before.

  4. Robyn is beyond worth mentioning! She is awesome. I'd hang with her, no strong cheese attached. Wait, that came out wrong...
    The Dashboard is so fickle. I switched to a reader (currently Feedly) a long time ago so I could find my blogger friends again.

  5. The cover of the book is so pretty!

    1. Gail, the pictures throughout the book are all just as lovely.

  6. Oh Gosh look at me I am only four days late to the party! I am having some issues like that with Google and Blogger. I keep getting two one says I don't follow any blogs and then now when I try to add another blog it tells me I am at my limit. I love chocolate, so will drop by Robyn's blog and check it out Thanks for sharing

    1. Gossip_Grl, I am sure you will enjoy her posts.
      Better late then never.


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