Friday, April 4, 2014

So, Where Do I Start

Ever since I got back from Cincinnati, my days have been all mixed up.
I mean to post.
Then I'd forget to post.

Trying to make a little extra cash that seems to be taking up a lot of time.

Before I forget-

Check it out!
Buy it!

I have their book The Missing Link, which I am still reading and they got some talent there.

Not sure how many people will be seeing this what with this being April A-Z and I opted to not opt-in this year.
Last year I was planning not to and I got sucked in at the last minute.
This year, I just couldn't do it.

Mentally I am just not there.

I did get an email from the sister that isn't speaking to me.
It was short-only a few sentences.
I took that as a good sign.
I wrote her back and haven't got a reply back yet.
I may not.
Baby steps.

I miss her, but having any kind of relationship is on her and I have to let it be.
I could call and talk, but what kind of a relationship is it really if one side is the only one putting forth an effort.
And I know she thinks that I am the one with the problem and that I don't accept her.
I accept how she thinks.
But, I don't accept some of the things she does.

You can love someone and it's OK not to put up with their shit.

They can be valid reasons why you do what you do.
In the end, it doesn't always matter.
You did what you did. You said what you said.

My niece's twins are doing good. They are estimated to be just shy of 2 pounds each and they are movers.
She's getting a little bored not being able to do anything.

Have a great day!


  1. Welcome back to blogging! I will definitely check out the book here. At times I have had strained relationship with my sisters. The email is a good sign. Take is slow! Glad to hear the babies are doing good and growing!

    1. Thanks, Gossip_Grl. Her being in a cult and believing it's making her a better person doesn't help. But, she gave some thought to me so that is a plus.

  2. You're open to communication, which is a good thing. Some folks wouldn't be. Good to hear about the twins. I like your blog. Keep on blogging!

    1. Susie, I think my husband might say I am a little too quick to forgive. And I understand why she is making the choices she does. It just doesn't make it right.
      Thanks,I need to get back into the swing of things.

  3. The beer guys are remarkably talented, really nice too.
    Have a great weekend, Ruth.

    1. You have a great weekend too, Robyn.

  4. Don''t min at all that you are not doing the A-Z.
    Blogging doesn't always come easy but it is nice to still see you writing

    1. I know, Mynx cause you don't either. :)


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