Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ten Things Tuesday- Words That Need To Go Away

I've missed the last few weeks of these.
Well, I am back with another Ten Things Tuesday.

There are certain words or phrases that just drive me nuts.
Lots of things drive me nuts.

I am just very complex and I like what I like.
And I don't like what I don't like.

So, here we go.

1. Selfie
     I understand not having anyone to take your picture. I've been there. But, for the love of God, don't say you took a selfie. Especially if you are a celebrity surrounded by hundreds of people that would take your picture. That is just stupid. And no matter who you are, please don't take one in front of the mirror. I don't care what your phone looks like.

2. Years young
     You are 1 day old, 1 month old, 1 year old and so on and so forth. One day, many years later, you turn in old for young. I don't know when it happens, but it does. And that's just really sad. It's like "let's not offend the old person by calling them old". Trust me, they know they are 98 years OLD.

3. Trending
     Where did it come from? It just appeared. Telling me who is newsworthy, but not why. They are trending. Shouldn't it be trendy? Maybe that's just old school.

4. Closure
     Does that really mean anything? I need closure. They need closure. They have closure now. Does closure do anything for a person? The pain is still there and knowing why or how doesn't really close the wound. Maybe an attempt, but that's all.

5. Viral
     You know what I hate about this word? It sounds like an infection. But, in the internet world, it means that it's a video that everyone all over the world is watching. When I hear " it went viral", I do not want to watch it. It's a turn off. Which brings me to another thing- why is the first thought is getting things on video to post? Your kid talks back to you or scales the refrigerator and it needs immortalized.

6. Featuring
     Remember way back when? When two people made a song together it was a duet. Now, the song is by one person and features a second one. And in some cases person "featured" is in the song more than the one that has his name on the song.

7. Twerk
     I know that Miley Cyrus twerked, but I am still confused as to what it is. It sounds like a made up word. Was it just for her twerk show thing or was it something before.

8. Issues
     Everything is an "issue". There used to be problems and just things that came up. Now, we all have issues about everything.

9. Liberal
     I hate this term. It groups people into categories. If you think this, you must be liberal or if you don't believe in this you can't be.  People are people.

10. Conservative
     Ditto on what I said for liberal. I have a problem with sticking people into piles. I agree with some of one and some of the other and disagree with both sides a lot of times. I am a human and I think. It drives me insane to be told that according to your political ideology, this is what you think. They don't know me.

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. My pet peeve words are "Really?" "Seriously?" "My Bad," and "Clearly."

    1. Susie, I am with you on My Bad. IO won't let my daughter use it. My husband says Really all the time and it is starting to bug me. A lot.

  2. I have issues with being called old ;) I always call myself an older person. Old person just sounds...well...like OLD. I use the mirror all the time when I take a me pic. Lens facing me and front of phone facing mirror so I can see what the pic will look like. Some just don't have enough common sense.

    1. Yvonne, That is a good idea. Why more people don't do that with the mirror. You are smarter than average. :)
      I won't be called old. My husband will say he is old, but I am older. But, when it comes to number of years, it is years old. But, I usually just say the number and leave it at that.

  3. I find myself laughing and nodding in agreement to these lists of yours.
    You'd be surprised (or maybe not) at how many idiotic men take selfies at the bathroom mirror and post them as their main on-line personal ad photo.


    1. Thanks, Robyn.
      And I bet they wonder why they are alone.

  4. Loved your post and words for today and Amen on the selfie! Hopefully selfie makes it to the list of the #1 annoying word in 2014. Great list!

    1. Gossip_Grl, when the news uses a word, you know it is past time for it.

  5. "Drive me nuts"
    Every time I read that, all I can think is that's something Popeye would slide between his legs to give his testicles a ride.
    But...I think it's been clearly established how my mind works.

    1. Oh, Al. You never fail to make me laugh.

  6. BTW, I'm with you on that years "young" nonsense. I HATE that and, one day, I will correct anyone stupid enough to say that about me .
    Because I'll be a cranky OLD man.

  7. Oh yeah, those things drive me nuts too. :-D

    1. Misha, we could be twins. Or really great friends. :)


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