Friday, December 13, 2013

A Lesson In Getting Things Done.

Step 1. Bitch.
Step 2. Bitch with more details.
Step 3. Get really upset and maybe bitch a little more.

It gets results.

But, really to get the greatest possible results, do this on Facebook or Twitter.

It just doesn't look good on their page if someone complains how they were treated.

I've done this twice now and I made progress.

I did it a few months ago and got my husband's credit card rate lowered to a more acceptable level.

This time, I got half my fee back from the mortgage company.
OK, it's not in my bank account yet, but I got a call and I am going to receive a formal letter.
I can live with that. Once it's in writing, they are legally obligated.
In fact, since all our calls are monitored, there is a record of that somewhere.

Would I have liked the whole amount?
But, I will settle for half.
Better than $0.

They made sure to tell me that they were doing it as a "goodwill gesture".
Or damage control.

Honeyman once told me that all women have a bit of bitch in them.
I guess it does come in handy sometimes.


  1. I'm glad bitching works for you. Sometimes, it pays off for me. Sometimes, it makes things works, like when I'm bitching to a bitch.

    Have a happy Friday and weekend, Ruth.

  2. Replies
    1. Robyn, I have been writing the wrong word lately. A lot.
      I think it works with corporations, maybe not people so much. I know corporations are people too, but you know what I mean.
      Have a good weekend!

  3. Good for you! I rarely complain, but I sure can bitch. Does that make sense?

    1. Yes, Susie, it does. I am the same way.

  4. I really can't blame you for bitching to their FB pages or whatever to get your voice heard!. :) We've been looking for a few acres of land and one would think we were asking our bank to loan us a Fort Knox. We've been with that same bank for over 20 years and rolled a 401-K over into an IRA with them and they still keep denying us a loan. The kicker is that our home is paid off we are pretty much debt free and they still won't loan to us. : ( I say keep bitching when necessary!

    1. Gossip_Grl, banks don't make any sense. I can't figure out how they decide who is worthy. My credit union won't give us a decent rate on a car. We end up going through someone else and we have been banking there for years. Maybe you need to look somewhere else or ask them if you need to. Maybe they will do it if you talk about going somewhere else.

  5. I've found that bitching works wonders. Unless you bitch about your food to your server. Then you might get extra cheese on your pasta.

    1. Al, I used to believe them when they said there was nothing they could do. Now I am wise to their ways.
      Too much cheese is never good. It's a binder.


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