Friday, November 15, 2013

Something New Every Day

Feeling pretty good.
Pretty optimistic even.

I get a call from the attorney general's office.
Turns out my house may not have been reaffirmed after we filed bankruptcy 7 years ago.

Our lawyer told us we needed to.
It was listed in the petition.
So we thought we did.

But, maybe not.

Apparently a lot of people are thinking they have reaffirmed debt and
no, they haven't.

What does this mean to my hopes for a refinance?
There could be a problem.

Am I going to be stuck at 8.25% forever?

I got a hold of my lawyer and bank we are hoping to refinance through.
The lady told me today I need to write it out to the company so I have proof that they were told before appraisal fees were paid.

Boy, am I glad she called when she did.
I was all set to pay the money.

Now, I get to wait and see.

Heard back from the lawyer.
The bank never requested one so the request was never filled out.

I really don't know why I should be surprised.
That mortgage company did have to settle a lawsuit for having people fudge on their applications to get the loan in the first place.
A right, stand up organization.

In other, much more awesome news:
My girlie is in Journalism.
She is writing for the paper.
Here is the online edition of her paper.
She didn't think she's do great, but she is fabulous.

Have a great Friday!


  1. How cool! Getting in the paper!
    From little acorns grow big trees. Or something like that.

  2. Thanks, Al! I am so proud of her.

  3. Sounds like your lawyer thing is a major headache!

    1. Sherry, The other bank says it's OK. But, if I tried to refinance with the same bank my loan is through it would be a big problem. I guess I should say investor. I really don't know who owns my mortgage, just who services it.

  4. i hope all of the mortgage stuff works out well, ruth :)

    1. Thanks, Lynn. I got some paperwork today and if the appraisal goes well, it's a go. :) That makes us nervous, but it has to be done.

  5. Keeping my fingers crossed for you that this all works out. Shame on those mortgage companies that did that to folks. I did take a peek at the HS paper, really nice. I took journalism in Jr High and High School many years before the Internet. I think it is awesome that they took their school paper online.

    1. Thanks, Gossip_Grl.
      She really does seem to enjoy the paper.


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