Thursday, November 14, 2013

Searching Gone Amok

I used to love the search engine.
Type something in:
Boom! There  It  Is .

What happened Google, Ask!, Bing, etc., etc.?
You are starting to let me down.

It is taking me multiple searches to find what I need these days.
If, I can find it all all.

I keep getting asked if I mean this instead of that.
My words are underlined when I know what I mean.

I am looking for a funny picture.
I should have saved it when I found it.
But, I thought
How hard can it be to find?

Pretty damn difficult.

I type in angles and all the answers are for angels.
Is angels the most misspelled word on the planet?
I know it is written angles a lot.
But to the point that Google tells me I spelled angles wrong?

It did give me a few answers on the British too.

And I say something and I get an answer from someone that they just assumed you spelled it wrong.
How many stupid people live on this planet that they automatically think no one can spell?


  1. I thought it was just me. Google's going downhill. It's not right.
    Lots of men write personal ads about finding their perfect angle; or about their daughter, who's an absolute angle. So they're close to correct in assuming almost no one can spell. But they need to get it together for the rest of us.

    Be well, Ruth.

    1. Robyn, I would go nuts looking through all the ads you do. I can handle some grammar mistakes. But, so maybe? You are a brave lady.

  2. you know just last night--i noticed on a big news network the word atorney---i turned to dillon and asked, "isn't attorney with two t's"---i meant to look :)

    1. Lynn, I see so many misspelled words on the news or incorrect grammar in ads and letters coming from companies. See, we should be making the big bucks. We know how to spell. :)

  3. I saw the word shipping had three ps in an ad for a photographer's shop. Go figure. It could have been on purpose but again - - -

    1. Munir, people should check before releasing to the public.


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