Sunday, May 20, 2012

Just Call Me Grammar Nazi

Or grammar nerd.
Or grammar police.
Or anal retentive.

The choice is yours.

But, bad spelling irritates me.
I normally just let it go.
I don't point it out.
That would make me more of a nerd that suffers in silence, wouldn't it?

The police or Nazis would be mean.

Everyone makes goofs now and then.
But, some people do it constantly and very badly.
Almost to the point that you cannot decipher the words.

Learn to pay attention to the little squiggly line under words, People.
It may be useful.

I have mentioned it before
but, I am saying it again.

It is congraTulations, not congraDulations!

I was told it came about from greeting card companies trying to be clever with their
graduation cards.
It's not clever, it's stupid!

Do you know how many people are spelling it congrads or congradulations now?
A whole freakin' lot of them.
And not just for graduation.

It's annoying and I know too many people that are writing it!

I just saw a status on facebook and while I like the sentiment, I cannot like it.
I just CAN'T!

I'll write on his wall about said subject later.
Not about the incorrect spelling though.
I will let that go.

I just needed to get that off my chest.

You may go about your day now.


  1. I totally agree with you; in the type of work I do, I am surrounded by words on a daily basis; typos and works spelled incorrectly always seem to jump up at me. It is amazing how "lazy" some sites are in not proofreading their work; I'd be embarrassed to have a lot of mistakes in something that had my name on it.


    1. Betty, me too. I feel bad when I spell wrong and usually go back and edit, even if I already put the post up. I won't if I'm having an "I don't care" moment. I think some people have an "I don't care" kind of life.

  2. I hate it when people spell espresso "expresso" uggh!!

    1. Sue, that's a new one for me. That's really bad.

  3. Loose for lose, their/there/they're, to/two/too, oh, so many ways to bastardize the language!

    1. Gail, isn't it sad. So many people don't care and I think they should care they look stupid. But, than I guess if people didn't do stupid things I wouldn't have so much to laugh or complain about.

  4. I have my dictionary in the draw beside me and I use it all the time and sometimes I wonder how bloody hard is it to check the spelling there are many words that are spelt wrong that piss me off such as "fone" it's phone you fool and in Australia it is colour not color..........

    1. Jo-Anne, I think anything is too hard for some people.

  5. Because my sister is dyslexic, it has stopped bothering me. She writes everything backwards and/or phonetically.

    1. Nellie, there is a big difference between people that can't help it and those that choose not to care.

  6. tell us how you really feel ruth! glad i have my spell check on ;)

    1. Lynn, we all have our pet peeves and grammar happens to be mine.

  7. HA! True, although I'm sure I've made my mistakes! I once saw a sign in the produce section that read, "two for 98 cents each." Huh? Do you remember "inventive" spelling? When first graders were allowed to spell however they wanted because it fostered creativity. Crazy! Texting hasn't helped either. Sadly, all kinds of crap words are now ending up in the dictionary. :-(

    1. Mare, I wonder how many they sold at that price.LOL! No I don't remember "inventive spelling". That does sound crazy. You are right about the texting.


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