Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Back in the Day

I remember back in the day 99 cent a gallon gas was expensive.
Now, $2.00 a gallon is cheap

If you tattled at school, the teacher would pin a tattle tail to your back and make you walk around school all day.
Now, telling is good.

I remember common sense being more prevalent.
Now, people listen to the "experts".

Parenting used to be left to the parents.
Some did a shitty job.
Some did a good job.

After that, spanking was frowned upon.
Now, a group of people think spanking is good and teaches respect.

"Kids have no discipline today."
"Obviously their parents didn't believe in spanking."

Oh, please.
There are as many rude, lazy, old people as there are young people.
Old people just think they are entitled to speak their mind.

As a parent, you have to parent in the best way that works for you.
All spanking ever taught my child was that it was OK to hit.
All I learned from getting spanked was that I had to be afraid of doing something wrong.

I didn't learn respect.
I spanked a few times cause that is what I knew as discipline.
I learned that it didn't work so I changed what I did.

Back in the day, we had school from August to May and we learned the whole time.
Because that is what we were there for
Now, kids get candy for doing things right, pizza parties and movie days just cause.

Back in the day, going to college was not a given.
Now, if a kid doesn't go people think it is odd.

Back in the day, most stores had ONE bathroom and it was for everyone and you had to wait your turn.
Now, people are fighting about who should be using which bathroom.

Back in the day, you got domestic beer and you were going to like it.
Now, you can go imported or microbrew or even gluten free if you need.

You can get imported chocolate instead of having to buy Hershey's like back when.

Back when, computers were huge.
Now, we can put 'em in our pockets.
And drop them in the toilet.

People want to take America back.
Back to what?

Some things were better back in the day, some things not.


  1. You summed it up well in your lasr line. Its different times we are living in these days. Some things are better, some are not, and for me some things are just too confusing.


    1. Betty, some things can be quite confusing.

  2. Yep, whenever one goes on those nostalgia trips, they always seem to leave out the bad stuff. Oh, back in the day it was so great, forget things like the plague.

    1. Pat, A lot of people are good at the pick and choose method of life.

  3. I love the technology of today. Things are too confusing today. Too many choices, and we really do not have the freedoms, we used to. That can be good or bad.

    1. Coffee Lady, sometimes I think of the movie Moscow on the Hudson and the man is from the Soviet Union and has a complete breakdown in the store over the choice of coffee.

  4. Your gasoline statement is oh-so-true. I remember when gas was approaching $2.00 a gallon and people were so excited at how cheap it was getting to be. Then, I adopt my "cranky old guy" persona and remind them that it wasn't too long ago when people were freaking out that it was going UP to $2.00 a gallon!

    1. Al. We had an old Cadillac and once gas went well over a dollar we started talking about trading it in cause it was too expensive to drive. I shudder to think what it would cost now.

  5. So that's where tattle tail came from? I didn't actually know that was a thing. I learned something today.

    Kids today aren't just being rewarded with pizza. My cohort's wife is a teacher, and we've visited her school before to talk with the kids about writing. For breakfast they're all served a mini pizza with a side of neon-colored candy. How the hell is that BREAKFAST?

    1. ABFTS, My third grade teacher had one. I always thought it was stupid. If you see a kid being mean to another kid or cheating on a test you are the one in trouble for telling.
      But, that same teacher put a boys hair back in barrettes because she thought his bangs were too long. She kept telling him to get them cut or she'd do it and he didn't. His mother cu hair for a living.
      Candy at school from the school is wrong. Most of the food served there is over processed crap.

  6. I agree with how you closed your post...many things were better back in the day, but MANY things were worse as well. People tend to romanticize the past...

    1. OE, Yes, they do. Nobody wants to remember the bad parts.

  7. Good for you, Ruth - that you stopped spanking because you realized it didn't work. Most parents who were spanked as kids, just do it. And Trump is only making America go back to HATE again. #BernbabyBern! Smiles.

    1. Robyn, parenting is a learning process or it should be.

  8. if a child has a fear of a spanking it can help keep them from doing something dangerous if they are away from home. also it is imperative at times for children's safety that they mind their caretakers; safety can be more important then what they like.

    1. Jennifer, I am not arguing for or against it. With some families it works and with some it doesn't.


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