Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ten Things Tuesday- I Was Thinking

I seriously don't know how some people do it.
I never seem to get everything done that I want to.

I am in the midst of a cucumber crisis.
Too many cucumbers and there is only so many pickles and relish one person can make or eat.
People want garden veggies, but they don't want to come out and get them.
If I plant them,take care of them, and pick the fruits, the least the person wanting them can do is come get them.
I am so over dropping them off at people's houses.
Lazy butts.

Anywho, most of the rock garden is done.
I am short a few buckets of rocks though.
It still looks pretty good.
Instead of buying rock, they are all rocks that we have gathered so it is pretty special.

I've picked sweetcorn and froze some and picked my first black beans ever.

But, enough of that.
On to Ten Things Tuesday. I haven't done one of these in several weeks and I thought it was time.
This week it's on things I wonder and think about.

1. Does anyone else hear ISIS and think of "Archer"?
     Do they wonder if he has his tactile neck on? ("Archer" is a show on FX and he works for ISIS)

2. Why does the news do live shots at night from places like cornfields and courthouses?
     Nothing is happening and as the lovely reporter said only yesterday that "it is still dark out". Really? It's 10 at night and dark out? Weird.

3. Does anyone else have to look up initialisms and acronyms?
     Can people say what they mean? My sister wrote gd&r at me yesterday and I had to look it up before I answered her. By the way, it means grins, ducks, and runs.

4. Is there anything duct tape can't do?
     Really, I'd like to know.

5. Why does the US government get all bent out of shape because Russia won't buy ractopamine laced turkey, beef, and pork but turns around and sanctions Russia when they act how we don't like.
     I believe they have effectively shown that they don't need to buy our stuff and in some cases won't. But, good on you, government.

6. Why do so many people regard Islam as the most violent religion and yet Christianity and Catholicism is the most peaceful?
     Back when there was a little thing called the Crusades. Not exactly peaceful.

7. Why can't I have a better choice for Senate then Joni Ernst and Bruce Braley?
     I never was a big fan of his and she is not a prize. Her first campaign ad was about growing up castrating hogs. Not only was the ad just awful, it was incorrect. If one knows anything about castration, they knew you don't castrate hogs, you castrate piglets.

8. All those cute little sayings about everything in life is a choice and choosing to be happy is crap.
     Someone decides if you get a job somewhere and if you get to continue to work there. Even if you are a good worker, you can be downsized. If someone you loves gets hurt or dies, I don't believe you can just choose to be happy about it.

9. Processed cheese food should be renamed Not Really Cheese.

10.  When you watch or hear an ad for some type of medication, do you wonder why the list of side effects is a lot longer than the benefits?

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Oh #6 is certainly true, The crusades were just an example, the Spanish inquisition, Salem Witch Trails, the violent pro-life activists, not so nice World War II Germany, Guy Fawkes, and many others show that saying it is a religion of peace is not exactly so true.

    If any major religion has been the most peaceful, it is probably Buddhism.

    1. Adam, I agree with you about Buddhism. :)

  2. Cialis is my least favorite. Sitting there with my teenager...

    1. Susie, I always wonder why they are sitting in bathtubs.


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