Saturday, August 23, 2014

It Came Back To Me

Strangely enough, no one seemed to want to buy the name
So, I got it back today.

It is not on blogspot.
So, I will be doing a lot of recipe moving in the near future.

But, I got it back.

I am very happy about this.


  1. I'm happy too! Seems this was a bee in your bonnet and now you've totally given that bee the "buzz off" - hahaha

    Okay, does that mean I need to put a different URL for Ruth's Yummy Stuff on my Blog List?
    I just checked and when I click on your name on my blogroll I am taken to ruth-yummystuff on blogspot. So I'm assuming that's all good. Well, if not, you'll let me know, right!

    I'm glad it all worked out.

  2. Jenny, over on the right side of this blog, I have a link to Apparently, I never changed the link, but it was going to my blogspot yummystuff and now it is going to my domain.
    I will keep you in the know.

  3. Susie, that's what I thought/think., :)


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