Monday, July 7, 2014

But Why

Mother Nature...
Where to start?
She just needs to stop with the rain.
Not forever.
Just, let my garden dry out.
I have algae growing out there.

I got jury duty.
As you recall, transportation is an issue for me.
This is gonna be fun.
Not to mention, the whole looking for a job thing.
Chances are, it will take me a while to find one so do I take a job knowing I might have to take off right away?
Would I even get hired knowing that is a possibility?
How would I set up an interview if the court decides I will have to go in?
I am all for doing my duty.
Timing could be better.

Now, it seems I have developed some sort of food allergy.
I have not pinpointed it yet.
I will probably have to get tested for sure.
All I know, is certain foods are making my mouth go numb and my throat swell a little.
At first, I thought vitamin B-12 deficiency.
That can cause mouth problems.
So, I started taking vitamins and I wondered when I'd quit getting numbness in my mouth.
Fast forward to this week-end.
I eat some Cheetos and I lose all feeling in my tongue and my throat swelled a bit.
Maybe I should have gone to the ER.
But, I could breathe so...
So, Cheetos are out.
I barely have them, but it makes me sad.

I am leaning toward dairy or MSG as the cause.
I have always had some problems with milk, but just phlegmy after drinking and getting really cold.
But, the last month or two, I have been getting numbness and now the throat problems.

Either way it sucks.
MSG is in almost everything. Even if it goes by a different name.
And I love cheese.
I REALLY love cheese.

Good times.
Very good times.


  1. Alrighty - here's my assessment - like you've been waiting, right!!

    You can ask to be excused from jury duty if it presents a hardship. I was asked, years ago (the first time) and it would have been a financial strain as they pay peanuts.
    The second time I was in a better position to, as you say, do my duty. I recommend you find out how long of a case it might be - they can give you some indication.

    I googled MSG and throat swelling - seems you may be right - MSG is brutal. I avoid it at all costs, mostly because I feel shitty after ingesting it. The dairy thing is news to me, but I think food dyes in some coloured cheeses would be more likely the problem.

    Since this is in your mouth and throat it is obviously something that immediately causes a reaction and that brings me back to MSG - and yes, it's in almost everything packaged/bottled - so then it's Mother Nature's fault because your garden is suffering under her constant deluge. (bitch that she is sometimes!!)

    I'm sending thoughts of good health and smart decision-making your way - you'll do the right thing with both.

    Cheers, Jenny

    1. Jenny, my form says that hardship or inconvenience will not automatically excuse me and if there is a reason I can't physically or mentally serve I will need to get a note from my doctor.
      I thought of food dyes, but I seldom have anything with dyes so I don't know. I don't eat much processed foods, but I know the MSG is in my salad dressing. I am just going to be careful and hopefully pinpoint the cause. When I get a reaction, write down what I ate and what's in it.
      I went to fill out an app and realized I need to figure out the dates of my last employment.
      I have kale and lettuce to pick and can't get in there and I worry that my onions will rot in the ground if it doesn't dry out soon.

    2. Hey Ruth - how's it going? What's the verdict - are you on jury duty or have you managed to work around it? Throw us a post!

      Thinking of you - hoping your well, happy and smiling. Cheers, Jenny

    3. Hi, Jenny. I have been busy and sharing computer time with a teenager so I am not getting online much.
      Transportation has been figured out so I will be serving, if my number is chosen.
      I'll get something up. Maybe now, since Kiddo is not yet up.

  2. I may have a beer allergy. The more I drink, the more my belly gets swollen.

  3. The only time I was called for jury duty, I was in the Persian Gulf. That probably doesn't help much, though.

    1. Al, as much fun as that sounds, I don't think I am navy material.

  4. I hope that you can get out of going for Jury duty with the help of a doctor's note. Also would the people in the court want you if you are contagious?
    I would get healthy first then go job hunting, Don't be so hard on yourself. Please.

    1. Munir, The courthouse is 15 miles away so transportation is more the issue, but that is being worked out.

  5. My wife recently found out that she's allergic to celery. She ate something with celery in it and her throat started to swell. Now she has to carry an epipen with her. Be careful; that throat swelling thing can actually kill you if it doesn't stop right away.

    If you see an allergist, they can probably tell you what it is. Better than finding out the hard way and having that happen again.

    1. ABFTS, I am pretty sure it's the msg by doing the diet elimination thing and I am sure I will have to get an epipen cause that stuff is everywhere even when it goes by another name.
      That sucks about the celery. Not that I am a big fan, but it is added to a lot of things. Even no-nitrate hotdogs use celery because of their natural nitrate producing abilities.
      I will get to the doctor soon.


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