Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ten Things Tuesday- She's Not Speaking My Language

I'd like to believe that I'm hip.
I'm happenin'.

However, I feel a little lost when my daughter starts spouting these words.
I have to ask.
She explains.

Suddenly, I can understand my grandma and mom.
For someone that constantly says that she isn't old, I am starting to feel a little that way.

This week I have decided to make Ten Things Tuesday about words that the teens use today.
Maybe you will learn something
maybe you already know.

1. Ship
     When you are feeling that two people should be in a relationship, you "ship" them. You just think they should be together, platonically or romantically.

2. Feels
    When you have a strong emotion about doing something, you "feels" it. My daughter just said to me the other day that she feels Lords of the Rings really bad so we need to watch it. This one really annoys me. So much that I feels it in my bones. 

     I think every knows this by now. You only live once. Unless, you are a cat or are revived by CPR or paddles.

4. O M Gee
     What is this? OMG, Oh my God, and O M Gee mean the same thing to a religious person. Writing Gee doesn't make it better because it is still considered blasphemy because it is used to take the place of the word God. Still a no-no. My nieces do this, thankfully not my daughter.

5. Imma
     Short for I am going to. "Imma goin' over to Grandma's" is an example. Does anyone else worry for our grammatical future?

6. Squee
     I have yet to grasp the meaning of this. I think it is supposed to be a noise of excitement. Yet it makes me think of a squeegee that you clean your windows with while pumping gas.

7. Hit me up
     I don't know who came up with this. I don't think I want to know this person. I have a cousin that says this all the time on Facebook. Is the phrase look me up or get a hold of me just too mundane? Let's make it more punchy by saying hit.

8. Random
     This word is just over-used. Everything seems to be random, whether it truly is or not.

9. Casually
     A favorite adjective of my teen. She is always casually doing something. From going to the fridge to get a snack or taking the remote, she is always "casually" doing it.

10. Derp
     In my day, this would be dope, dweep, nerd, or weirdo. Now, dope is marijuana and nothing more and it's OK to be a nerd.
Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Thanks for the lesson, Ruth. I didn't know any of it, actually. Like you, I would've thought you clean your windows with a squee.


    1. Robyn, speaking with the younger generation is interesting sometimes.

  2. I dont think my boys use these words but I am sure there are others I would need them to translate.
    I think it is interesting how language is constantly evolving and changing

    1. Mynx, I am sure you would. Sometimes I go look up words to see where they come up with it.

  3. I'm so glad I don't have teenagers any more.

    1. Gail, even tho she confuses me at times, I am not quite ready for her to be older.


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