Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ten Things Tuesday- Thoughts About the Pope

Yes, I know I am not Catholic.
But, when it is all over the news, its hard not to get thoughts.
For me, anyway.

So, this week's ten things Tuesday about about what popped in my head when the whole pope thing was going on.

1. Benedict had to turn in his red shoes for brown loafers.
     I guess he is stuck in Oz forever.

2. Pope Benedict is retiring.
     I bet the new one won't look anything like the Emperor in Star Wars.

3. The new pope wears glasses.
     South Park was wrong. The pope can't be a bunny because bunnies have great eye-eight due to all the carrot eating. Than Kiddo says that in Alice in Wonderland, the White Rabbit wore glasses. So, I just don't know anymore.

4.The new pope picked an awesome name.
     He named himself after my niece, Francis- a sissy.
OK, she didn't find it too funny. But, it made her mom laugh and that counts.

5. The pope is the right-hand man of God.
     So, why do all these men get together and pick the pope? Doesn't God choose who he talks to? What if God doesn't like their choice? Do you wonder if God never talks to the pope and the pope is just making stuff up?

6. Why do people think the pope's views on social issues will change?
     No birth control and no gay marriage is how it has always been and a "new" old guy in the robes is not going to change it.

7. Why do people that aren't Catholic care so much about who the pope is going to be?
     No one seems to care who is the head of any other organized religion.

8. Just how big is Catholicism anyway?
     It's #2. It was surpassed in numbers in 2008, according to the Vatican.
By whom, you ask? The Muslims. Are you feeling "The Crusades"?

9. Do you wonder if each new pope gets a book of secrets?
    Maybe he knows where the holy grail is, where Jimmy Hoffa is, and who really killed JFK.

10. The newly elected pope always seems so noble and humble.
      Do you think he means it? They all say stuff about not being worthy. Deep down, don't you think they want the popedom? That they are excited they are running the show until death do them part or they retire?

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. I wonder about #5 question you have here. Not just for the Pope but for any other religious leader.
    Hope that all is well with you and your loved ones.

  2. Very true, Munir. It could work for any religion. Everything is going well.
    I hope the same for you.

  3. I think his Book of Secrets also includes the recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken.
    "Your eminence? God is on Line 5..."
    "God? Oh, Jesu...can you tell him I'm washing the dishes and have him call back?"
    "I tried, your Holiness, but he said that it's about Mel Gibson."
    "Sigh....oh, Chri...[gotta stop that]. Okay, put him through."

    1. Pope needs caller ID, but maybe God knows how to block.

  4. He coudln't be much worse than Benedict

    1. Adam, I will have to take your word for it. I didn't agree with some of what he said, but I didn't agree with John Paul either.

  5. The selection of a new pope certainly has had the media in a frenzy.
    And you are right, nothing will change. I do wonder how they all managed to agree in the end. Do you think they played rock paper scissors?

    1. Last time it was bad, but I don't think quite this much, Mynx.
      You never know. They are behind closed doors. Maybe that's why they are so secretive.

  6. #5 cracked me up, Ruth. You're funny. And did you read about some controversy this Pope was supposedly involved in -- a kidnapping cover-up or something years ago (?). I think they're trying to brush that one under the rug. It's all very hypocritical.

    PS Thank you SO MUCH for buying my book. I hope you'll enjoy it.


    1. Thanks, Robyn. No, I did not hear about that. I think I will go look that up. Catholic...hypocritical? You don't say!
      I am sure I will like it.

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  8. I reckon the pope has to keep a diary and it gets passed onto the next pope, but what does the pope write in diary.......maybe his real thoughts on gay marriage birth control........which I reckon some popes really couldn't give a rats ass about......just my opinion......lol

    1. You may be right about that, Jo-Anne.

  9. I am not catholic either. I think you made some great points and I found your blog very amusing. Thanks for the smiles!!


    1. Kathy, I am glad it gave you some smiles.


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