Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ten Things Tuesday- All About Purple Day

For those who don't know, Tuesday March 26 is Purple Day.
This week's ten things Tuesday is about Purple Day and what it means to me.

1. Purple Day is about awareness for epilepsy.
     It's not about donating or buying things. It's about people learning what it is by wearing purple.

2.Started by a girl
     A 9 year old in Canada started Purple Day a few years ago and it's just about wearing purple on March 26. If lots of people wear purple, someone wonders why and asks and learns something.

3. My daughter had childhood epilepsy.
     She outgrew it, thankfully.

4. There are different types of seizures.
     Knowing what I know now, my daughter would have not gone through what she did if someone knew what to look for. To begin with she had absence seizures, and a lot of them. We did not know what they were. Her kindergarten teacher was always on her about staring around and taking so long to get work done.

5. My daughter almost died from continuous complex partial seizures.
     Over and over, she had them. It was scary watching her, thinking she was dying. The ambulance crew had to give her paralyzing medication so she wouldn't seize to death.

6. Schedules
     She had to be on Dilantin to control her seizures. You learn to do things by the drug schedule since she had to eat when she took them.

7. Always watching
     Even bath times were not sacred. I had to watch her in the bath in case she had a seizure. Showers were pretty much out so she wouldn't have a seizure and fall and get hurt.

8. Knowing what is truly important in life
     Seeing your child almost die really changes you. It makes you really see that everything can change in an instant. I am lucky I got to wake up from my nightmare. I feel for anyone that never got to.

9. Braces
     Life flight had to stick a tube down her throat and in doing so, knocked her front teeth out. The adult teeth grew in crooked because the baby teeth were knocked out and they didn't know how to grow in right. She has spent half her life going to the orthodontist. Finally she is in retainers.

10. Memories
     Locked away in my brain is that day. I could tell you that whole day in detail from where I was when it started to the end of the day when I ate a bacon cheeseburger from Wendy's. Some things you just don't forget.

If you think about it and have some purple, please wear some in honor of Purple Day.
Epilepsy is, by definition, 2 or more seizures of unknown origin.

Have an awesome Tuesday!


  1. I learned some things here!

    I have a very good friend who has epilepsy, and I have witnessed only one seizure, and I feel for you having to have witnessed so many. Your poor daughter! I was not aware that you could outgrow them...


    1. Hi, Pearl. 90% of children outgrow them by the age of nine. The singer Prince had seizures as a child.

  2. Replies
    1. Adam, you learned something today. That's good!

  3. And just randomly I'm wearing purple today. :)

  4. My daughter told me about today being Purple day. Both of us are wearing purple today.
    One of my cousins had childhood epilepsy. She is a year older than my daughter, but because of being on Phenobarb for a year, her mom says that she is almost a year behind in a lot of things. She is very social and is very outgoing now.
    We still have to learn so much about human brain and mind along side of human body. Hopefully one day we will all be aware of things that can go wrong and try to help prevent them.
    You guys take care of yourselves. Spring will be here soon, ( well - - practically too).

    1. Good for you guys, Munir. It's good your cousin is doing well now.

  5. I've seen grand mal seizures - very scary. I'm so glad your daughter outgrew it, Ruth.


    1. Thanks,Robin. Complex partial start on one side of the brain and they don't involve violent shaking. But, the eyes roll back in the head and they are in their own world. Kiddo couldn't speak for about 45 minutes after having one. She could only scream.

  6. Another fact is that a higher percentage of people on the autism spectrum has seizure disorders.

    Thanks for the lesson, Ruth.

    1. I did not know that, Gail. I have a nephew with aspberger's.

  7. My aunt developed epilepsy late in life. We're not sure why or how, but she has it and it sucks to watch her endure it. I had no idea about this day. I'll have to mark it on my calendar for next year.

    1. ABFTS, Suck, that it does. Sorry about your aunt.


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