Tuesday, January 17, 2017

So, I Guess I am a Spoonie

That's what we are known as these days.
People with invisible, chronic, pain illnesses are either calling themselves warriors or spoonies or both.

As people with these conditions, we are all tethered together.
We understand what others do not.

Except... I really don't get the spoonie thing.

You can read about The Spoon Theory to get more of an idea of what it is. But, in a nut shell, it is a theory that every day someone with a chronic illness has so many spoons they can use and when the spoons have been used up, you are done for the day.

What I find confusing is that people are now saying you use up so many spoons for this and so many for that.
Also, you might get up Monday with six spoons and Tuesday you have twelve. Wednesday, you might only have three.
And some people use up all their spoons for that day and borrow from the next day.
And there is the whole thinking you have plenty of spoons for the day and BAM! they are gone. Spoons went away for no reason.

Everybody talks about spoons. I cannot be the ONLY  person not getting the spoonie thing.
I am not even sure the lady that wrote the theory meant for it to get blown up so big.
It was a simple analogy and now people are spoonies.

It is supposed to be about knowing your limits and choosing wisely.
But, how do you know from day to day?
And, sometimes, hour to hour?

I guess when I am out of spoons, you can just stick me with a fork cause I am done.


  1. Hahahahaaa. I had read about the spoon thing and I always think of being in bed with your loved one. The problem is, since we both have pain, we can't spoon in bed so I guess we lose some spoons even then. I know exactly what you mean about pain. Today I wasn't too bad but as the day went along I got worse and then whammo! It hits quite suddenly and I can hardly open my mouth due to the pain in my jaw joint plus my hips etc... oh well, I guess I used up five spoons all at once

    1. Birgit, spooning does work so well for us either anymore. I hope today is better.

  2. Hmmm maybe they had one too many loonies and toonies? Mixed and matched and became spoonies. Weird how things start. Stupid pain crap sucks, but I'll stick with loonie over spoonie

    1. Pat, Not sure why a spoonie is something one would want to call themselves.

  3. Never heard of the spoonies. I have daily pain - some good days, some bad. Got a shot today, so I am feeling good and hoping it will take some edge off.

    Nice to see you back.

    1. Debby, I hope the shot helps you for a long time.

  4. Having degenerative disk disease, this label is a little too negative for me. I will always gradually get worse, but I'm fortunate in that physical therapy, exercise, chiropractor and living a better life style slow down the process and brighten up my day. I've been in that situation where I haven't done housework for months and eat out of a can or pop a frozen dinner in the oven because I'm in too much pain to do otherwise, but I never look at my life like that is all it will ever be. I don't want to limit myself mentally. I don't care or know how many spoons I have for a day. How can I if I'm optimistic. I just live the day to the max I'm capable of. That's the best any of us can do, I think. Hope you are okay today.

    1. Yvonne, it is negative isn't it? Like you, I like to focus on what I can do. Not what I can't.
      It's been a good day so far. Hope the same for you.

  5. This one's new to me. I don't think I'd be a big fan of someone calling me a spoonie, or trying to measure my daily strength in spoonfuls. Plus, you know, there's no real science behind it, so it sounds like a lot of mindless guessing.

    "Man, that meal I just cooked totally took 2 and a half spoons out of me."
    I have no idea how you would even accurately measure that.

  6. ABFTS, They do that. There is a chart somewhere that says how many spoons you use for showering, cooking dinner, getting dressed, and so forth. It is just really bizarre.

  7. What the heck? I never heard of a "spoonie" until now. Rest assured, I'd never call you one, Ruth. That's just rude and weird.
    Take care, friend.

    1. Thank you, Robyn. I don't think it is something anyone would aspire to. But, who knows? People are weird.

  8. I've never heard of "spoonie" or "spoon theory". I kind of get what the article describing the theory is saying. I think when people are feeling good and feeling no pain themselves it's more difficult to empathize with someone who is feeling pain. Just like when someone is feeling real happy and aren't always too interested in being brought down from their high by someone who is feeling a great sadness.

    Empathy can be difficult for some people when it interferes with what they're feeling and doing. That's my theory about the subject at least.

    It kind of makes me think back on the day my father died. We were at the hospital with him and after he passed I was getting on an elevator to leave and happened to run into an ex co-worker who I didn't really know all that well. I was feeling very sad, while he was rather merry and chipper. When I mentioned that my father had just died things got really awkward like he didn't quite know how to respond and likewise it was difficult for me to connect with his happiness. A very weird moment that has stuck with me for 25 years now.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Lee, a lot of people don't know how to respond when someone dies.Which is too bad.
      Your take makes sense to me. Thank you.

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