Friday, September 30, 2016

Giving Thanks

We are supposed to thank truckers, nurses, CNAs, and soldiers.
We are supposed to thank wait staff in the form of a 20-25% tip.

But, today I want to thank the unsung heroes.
The writers of satire sites that people take as fact.
the writers of quotes people were supposed to have said and didn't really.
the makers of memes that lie completely.

Why do I thank them?

They have made me a smarter, more informed person.

I learned Obamaphones are part of the Lifeline phone program signed into law by Ronald Reagan and was expanded into cellphones under George W. Bush.
That universal fee charge on your phone bill.
That is what that is.
Because when companies are made to pay for things, they make the consumer pay for it.

I learned that Will Rogers first used the term trickle down economics as derogatory.
Ronald Reagan spun it into a good thing for the people.

People are not sticking food up their vaginas or buttholes in Walmart.
No, I really did not have to research this.
But, I did check out News 8 Now and they are just one of many sites popping up with fake news.
I know some people know this is fake.
But, I also know too many people that share this stuff and seem to believe it is real.
Which is really sad that people will believe all that stuff.

Yes, I do look up quotes.
In more than one place.

I am tellin' you.
My noggin is so full of this stuff, one day it will explode.

I know guideline for EBT and TANF, which is known as foodstamps and a welfare check.
I know what Bt corn is. Bt is a toxin put into field corn annd it makes the stomachs of insects explode. Enjoy those corn chips.
I know what the fines are for the ACA and that you can be exempted.
I know that Jackie Kennedy hung that "Muslim" curtain in the white house.
I know that Hillary Clinton had flags during the DNC convention just like Donald Trump did at the RNC convention. Digital screens.

What does this mean?
Three things:

I spend too much of my time researching things.
People believe what they want to believe.
Some people like to start things.


  1. Yep, have to surely look ten times to make sure it is true. People like to stir things up and many are gullible enough to believe.

    1. Pat, sometimes I wonder if some people don't write stuff up just to see if others will believe it.

  2. I think being well informed and researching is always the best way to go. There is always something new to learn, even when we think we have learned it all.


    1. Betty, you are right about that. :)

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