Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Internet is Trying to Dumb Me Down

But, I am not going to let it win.

Many people have sadly lost the fight.
I will carry on.

I will continue to be appalled at bad grammar and God-awful spelling.
I read a comment on an article~ "They think that we are dum".
I'd really like to think typo, but...

I will continue to read both sides to determine what I believe to be right.
None of this " I won't read it because it doesn't support how I think".

I will not blindly think a meme is true without checking.
See my post about baboons and Congress.
Please don't believe that people can't pay for insurance and have to pay a $2085 fine. This year(2015 tax year) the max is $975 or 2% of income. Next year(2016 tax year) is $2085 or 2.5% of income. If you make enough adjusted gross income to have to pay that amount and can't afford insurance, you need lessons in how to budget.( the point on having to buy it or not is a different matter)
Don't tell me how great Republicans are because they freed the slaves. Lincoln freed the slaves for political reasons.

With the exception of the occasional brain fart, I will check dates to see when something is posted.
That person died 10 years ago and that article about the flu went around 2 years ago. Thanks for letting me know.

If I think something sounds goofy, I will check to see if the site is satirical or not. More and more of them all the time. In the words of Jesse Ventura~ "Stay vigilant".
Why people pass all this stuff around as truth is beyond me.

The internet can be a great resource, but you have to dig for it.

You may learn that angle and angel are two different things.
You may learn that Operation Paperclip was a military activity involving Nazi scientists.
You may learn that you can still carry a disease while being vaccinated for it and give it to someone that has been vaccinated.

There are online dictionaries.
In case you have forgotten 7th grade social studies, learn about Socialism and Communism and Republics and Democracy.

You can learn geek speak.
What do those letters mean?
I will look that sucker up.

Use the internet for good.


  1. So true that the internet does have great things on it, but one has to be careful when looking things up. I remember years ago the vet tech telling me not to believe anything I read on the internet when I was trying to diagnose our dog's problem.


    1. Betty,that is so true. When it comes to health issues the internet is not always good. Good if you know so you can learn about it. But, if you are trying to diagnose, it is bad. You might find the answer, but you may find that it could be a lot of things and some more scary than what it really is.

  2. The internet can be a great place, but never ever take any really serious advice from one site. Try 10 and then make an informed decision. It is amazing how I can say "Eating fresh dog crap cures cancer thanks to the live fecal matter" then a "study" will pop up saying it is the truth and before you know it nuts believe it.

    1. Oh... you mean that wasn't the truth - dam... now I feel dum... LOL - means little old lady, right! That's me.

    2. Pat, I thought it only came in pill form.
      Jenny, if you buy Land O Lakes butter, your receipt just says LOL. Kinda weird. Why would I buy a little old lady?

    3. Hey, I'm for sale... little and old, but not often much of a lady.

    4. Depends on your definition of lady.

  3. I took to the internet and computer like duck to water back in the early 90's. I love it better than watching movies. I totally agree though. Facebook is the worse. People share these memes, and belong to pages that are only click-baits. Drives me nuts. Or they share some hoax, or that Facebook or Bill Gates will pay $100 for each like to get some poor child surgery. I tend to get bossy and tell them.

    1. Coffee Lady, I piss off people when I tell people things about their precious memes.

  4. Hi Ruth - great post. If it wasn't for you and me posting as often as we do this whole blogging world would crumble. Stay the course! LOL can also mean Lunar Orbit Landing... which is what I've been up to lately.

    Like you I do my research. Since last July I've been buried in books, articles, research material, TEDtalks, the list goes on... to come up with some pretty impressive findings which is what my A to Z will be all about.

    Great to see you out and about. Nice to know your a fellow 'netter. Some of my friends knit, I 'net. (my slang for surfing with out the board), and what I've found is there's a whole hell of a lot of bottom feeders out there. :)

    1. oops typo alert - "Nice to know you're..."
      dam... dum... a serious brunette moment.

    2. Jenny, I just got over being sick. Honeyman brought some lovely crap home. I tried to fight it but I succumbed. That stuff just wouldn't go away. My problem is to think of a great post at night only to fall asleep and forget what it was the next morning. If I do the challenge, it will be a pile of randomness like always.

    3. It's all good, Jenny. :)

  5. You write wise words. I looked at some pic of a shark ready to eat someone and thought, "It can't be real" and it wasn't. I have looked up medical stuff and got freaked out also so not always the best thing.

  6. Birgit, thanks. So much stuff is photoshopped anymore.


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