Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Ten Things Tuesday- Reasons to Caucus in Iowa

Most states in the US hold primaries.
A few have a mixture of a primary and a caucus.
Sixteen states are strictly caucus states.

Why a caucus and not a primary?
Cause a caucus is more homey.

Iowa is very proud to have the first caucus in the nation.

Whoop, whoop!

white people in snuggies gif source

Oh, the excitement!

Don't get me wrong.
Choosing the next president is a big job.

But, being the first caucus never seemed all that important to me.

Iowa IS corn, pigs, and the first caucus and that is how it is.

But why is it important to caucus? Let me tell you in this week's Ten Things Tuesday.

Reasons to Caucus in Iowa:

1. You are a Democrat or Republican
     Change your party from Independent or you can't come in.

2. It's a good way to kill a couple hours.
     Notice I said hours, not that you might not want to kill someone for thinking you are wrong and that Huckabee is not going to make it. You just watch, people!

3. Meeting new people
     You already have common political ground. Your soul mate could be in there.

4. Learning new things.
     It's not all about the vote. Discussions are made on the candidates and the issues before you write down your choice.

5. Chance to meet the candidate
     Either the candidate or a representative is present at many precincts. Ask O'Malley to dance a jig.

6. Being alert
     The cold arctic blast of a February night in Iowa will make sure you are wide awake and won't fall asleep before it is time.

7. No lines
     Primaries have lines. It is just like an election. Not a caucus. It's like a stuffy party for the politically inclined.

8. Make your voice heard.
     So, you voted for Sanders and Clinton won. You were there. You spoke up.

9. You might get on the news.
     News stations cover this stuff. You could get your 15 seconds of fame.

10. You get to talk bad about the other party.
     Bitch away about how we need to take our country back. Talk about corporate greed. Go ahead. You know you want to.

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. I have always lived in states with primaries; could be interesting to participate in a caucus sometime.


    1. Betty, It does have a different vibe.

  2. Knew there were two but that was the extent of my knowledge. Caucus sounds easier to maneuver. Never thought about meeting one's soul mate in a political setting lol

    1. Pat, people go nutty over politics. Cutting people out of their lives over who they voted for in an election. I figure if it can break people up, politics can bring them together.

  3. I am not sure-meetings about politics where guns are handy, Trump is still in the news. Crickey! Caucus could be confused with caucasus..maybe...I'm just saying:)

    1. Birgit, a lot of the caucus places are already designated "gun free" zones so I am sure there is no need to worry.
      Haha! You do have a point there.

  4. But are there snacks? Cuz if they serve brownies, I'll do a white girl dance and participate, or show up to eat and run.

    Cheers, Ruth. Be well.

    1. Robyn, unfortunately snacks are not included in the price(free) of admission. Which is a shame. Cause if memory serves, Hillary actually made chocolate chip cookies when Bill was running.

  5. That "White People" thing made me laugh out loud.
    While I won't apologize for being caucasian (I am who I am, after all), I realize that there is a LOT of comedy gold in poking fun at whitey in colorful bathrobes around a campfire.


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