Monday, September 21, 2015

Because I Don't Know

It's been a humdinger of a month, let me tell you.

Two days after the funeral of my uncle on my dad's side, my uncle on my mom's side died.

Can we just say....

Too many God damn funerals!

And finding out about both deaths over Facebook was not something I ever hoped to see?

Maybe lots of people don't care how they find out. I do. Facebook is for links and pictures and stupid duckface selfies and what you had for lunch.
It's not for announcing within minutes that a family member has died.
I guess I am old school.

In other news, an error was made somehow in paying my truck payment and they submitted a debit to my credit union for $438,027.00. The credit union called me and asked if it was fine to bounce it back.
Well, duh.
And the credit union proceeded to charge me $25 for NSF.
I did call them and they refunded that charge even though there was a fee to send it back.
So, I was nice and said "thank you" for their generosity.
Because, I would clearly be making payments of $438,027.00 for a 2005 Toyota Tacoma.

I did apply for a job and interviewed.
I realize that my interviewing skills are rather rusty.
I can't say that I bombed totally.
I can say that I was consistent in my interview,
Consistently unimpressive.

But, they had me fill out papers for a background check so it could go either way.

Just PT.
Not sure I can handle FT right now.


  1. So sorry for your losses. I agree, facebook is a lousy way to find out. Family members she learn by phone-call if an in-person visit isn't possible.

    I'm glad you don't owe $438,000+ or the $25 charge.

    Take care of yourself.

    1. Robyn, that is my feeling exactly about telling people.
      Thank you. You too.

  2. So sorry with your family's losses. I do agree, hearing about it on Facebook is not the right way to hear about it. Good luck with the job, you never know! Wow with the mistake they made on your account! I do agree you shouldn't have to pay for any fees if it was their fault. It was like years ago we had paid quarterlies into taxes and then got that back as a refund, even though we weren't entitled to it. It was tempting to cash the check, but I knew they would eventually catch it :) Thing is when I was trying to figure out how to return it to them, they were having a hard time seeing where they had made the mistake. Maybe I should have cashed it.


    1. Betty, that would be a dilemma. I would be sure they would catch it too though.

  3. Ruth - I'm with you Facebook really shouldn't be where deaths are announced. So impersonal, and so disrespectful to the dead. Yet, I'm probably thought of as 'old school' like you for thinking so. As it is I don't Facebook - nor will I. I'm not interested. Heck, I can't keep up with my blog(s) let alone dealing with being "liked" on Facebook (such a joke).

    As to the car, I chortled out loud, which did not impress my wee pup because as deaf as she is I did startle her. Yikes… So good of them for refunding the fee - like really! What next - and wow, I thought that's some set of wheels you've got with that price tag… still chortling.

    Yup… life's a bitch… and they wonder why we become a tad testing now and then, eh!

    I hope the job comes through, sometimes it's hard to tell with interviews. One can totally think they've blown it only to find out they were the top pick - go figure. If it's meant to be… you know the rest. Ever the optimist.

    Sending smiles, and happy thoughts your way. Cheers, Jenny xo

    1. Jenny, I would always like you on Facebook.
      Regarding the payment, common sense should come into play. They don't need that because they have computers.
      I should hear something in the next few days.

    2. Actually, while I agree that announcing deaths on Facebook seems callous, as you'll read below, I never would have found out (at least in time to go to the funeral) about a friend's mother's death were it not for a Facebook announcement. To me, that is a much more important purpose than posting skeleton pictures.
      As much fun as that is.

  4. Sorry to hear about the deaths in the family. Woweee though, that is quite the car payment lol if one had that kind of money for hat kind of payment it would be nice. Hopefully the job comes in.

    1. Pat, I know! I'd be happy to have that money in my account. I shouldn't be because money isn't supposed to make one happy. I'd like to test the theory though.

  5. I bet you did better than you think! I'm sure you didn't give canned answers.

    Yeah. Finding out about deaths online is jolting.

    1. Susie, No. I didn't do that. But, I was nervous and am sure that showed. Over 10 years without an interview didn't help.

  6. Facebook is also for posting pictures of the skeleton Mrs. Penwasser bought you from COSTCO.
    Seriously (no, seriously), a couple years ago, I found out about the death of the mother of the man I've known since I was seven on Facebook. Rather than making an ungodly number of depressing phone calls, he chose that avenue to do so. I was grateful he did, because I knew when/where the funeral was. I didn't tell him I was traveling to Connecticut to pay my respects. Should have seen the look on his face when I showed up in church (surprisingly, I was not struck by lightning).
    So Facebook has its uses.
    Plus many funny pictures.

    1. Al, I have found out about friend's family members and some friends, but I think posting about a close family member within a half-hour when all family has not been notified yet is a little much. My parents didn't know yet and it was Dad's brother and they don't have internet access. My aunt was very mad that it was put out on Facebook as she wanted to tell all the brothers and sisters herself.
      As far as my other uncle, when I saw it I had to call my mom and tell her so she could call her sister.
      So, while I think it can be good for letting people know~ I also think family should be notified first.

    2. Yeah, that's TOTALLY out of line. Good grief, I gotta hope he contacted close family personally before beating the Facebook tom-toms.

  7. I'm amazed at the things people will put on Facebook. I've seen entire divorces play out. Some things should just be kept between families in private, death announcements certainly included.

    Also, one time I bought a big ticket item and the cashier accidentally charged me twice. That put my account into the negative. I called the bank, explained everything, and they were still nice enough to give me an overdraft charge, even after I explained that it wasn't my fault. They didn't care. Nice to know the bank is always on your side.

  8. ABFTS, I have seen family members fight. It's like reading a soap opera. I've never seen a divorce play out.
    I hate banks. We all should go back to stuffing money in our mattresses and burying jars of it in the backyard.

  9. So sorry for your losses! They do seem to come all at once, don't they?
    And then the bank/truck thing. You better just start this month all over!

  10. Dawn, they do. Thanks.
    Can I just start the year over? That works better for me.


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