Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I Got

Or nothing.

I don't know what I have.

I now have a daughter with a job.
That's something.

I have a gastroenterologist that told me one thing and wrote something entirely different to my primary doctor.
No mention of considering me celiac, nothing about seeing a rheumatologist, not even gluten intolerance was noted. Even though that was the purpose of my visit and what my primary diagnosed me with.
So, I guess I have an ex-gastroenterologist.

All I do know is that my doctor is glad I didn't eat gluten for the sake of a test that would not change the treatment.

I have back pain, neck pain, pain in hands and feet.
I had blood taken and it's not RA.
Waiting for X-ray results to tell me if it is arthritis at all.

Since it is in several parts of my body, the doctor mentioned fibromayalgia.
I don't know.
It might be something.
But maybe it is something else.

All I know is the pain started in my lower back eons ago and this is the third doctor I have seen about it and of course now the pain is migrating elsewhere.

There is a link between low back pain and irritable bowel disease/syndrome or whatever that doctor wants to call it.
Also to celiac and all that good stuff.

I should be glad nothing is found wrong.
Except now, I just am more confused.

I do know that my body is all kinds of fucked up and that there is NOTHING I can do about it.

I am still thinking on the A-Z challenge this year.
Sometimes I really feel as if I have nothing to say.
I mean I do have SOMETHING to say about a lot of things.
But. I just don't know.
I did look at the list and I still have 29 days to figure it out.


  1. Gosh, that all sucks! Hope they figure out something to get you some relief soon!

  2. Yes, Lisa, it does. So do I. Thanks. :)

  3. I am sorry. That must feel so helpless. If they had come up with something it would have felt better because they could do something about your pain all over.
    I am happy for your daughter. Work is good and so are benefits.
    May be the change in the weather might help. A little bit more of winter time and hopefully sun will come out. Pain, whether it is muscular or in our bones does feel better when it is warm
    I hope that your stomach is not bothering you any more.
    Take care.

    1. Munir, she is happy about her job and something that could turn fulltime after she graduates.
      The longer I am off gluten, the better I feel.

  4. I'm sorry that your pain and frustrations continue, Ruth. I wish I could say more than that. I'm glad your daughter got a job. I'm also glad that you found some relief in abstaining from gluten.


    1. I will persevere, Robyn. One bright spot is that if I can do all my testing through the hospital Honeyman works, it is cheaper. Deductible is $250 if I use them or $2000 if I go somewhere else.
      It is amazing how I no longer feel like I have rocks moving and scraping through my abdomen. But, for some reason at the store the other day, I saw a milky way and really really wanted one and got depressed when I saw it had barley malt in it. I never did eat them that much, but now...

  5. I am no expert, but I was thinking Fibro...I have two blogger buds who have it.

    I also know a guy who went for thousands of tests, and it finally turned out to be his gallbladder. He felt normal after they took that out.

    1. Susie, you and the doc could be right. I have a couple cousins that have it, but we have never talked much about it.
      Gallbladder pain can be nasty. Both Kiddo and Honeyman have had theirs out. Kiddo got a quick diagnosis. Honeyman is like that guy you know. Problems forever and come to find out his gallbladder was barely functioning.

  6. I'm so sorry all this is happening to you. Pain is very hard to deal with. Love the saying at the end of your post.

    1. Yvonne, Thanks. I could have worse then pain.

  7. Wow, Ruth… the saga continues, and is becoming quite epic, and caustic. You're sick just from all the BS you're dealing with, and that ex-specialist, really, what a dweeb.

    Given all the possibilities I don't even know what to suggest. Other than, start drinking, eat all the sugary things you want and tell your body to fu*& off… LOL Well, it's just a thought! Hahahaha

    After my epic, and very scary, diagnosis last year I started seriously meditating and doing visualization exercises every night before bed… has worked like a charm. One year later all my test results are back to normal. Yes, meds are involved - I hate them and they are hugely expensive. But, as of this week I told my specialist to cut my dose in half. He agreed and I'll see him in two months for test.

    Like you I did a lot of research - very frustrating, lots of bogus info on the internet so you need to be careful. I hope you and your regular doctor can figure this out.

    Hugs and smiles coming your way, Jenny

    1. PS Tell Kiddo I say congratulations on the job. That's exciting news! :)

    2. Jenny, that is great you are taking less meds.
      I know what you mean about all the information out there. Last night I was looking up fibro and some woman thought it was all just lyme disease that went untreated and everyone with fibro should get tested to see if they had lyme disease instead. Not sure what to make of that. But, that goes to show that you have to look at all sides when researching. I will tell Kiddo.

  8. I, too, feel like I have "something." When I wake up in the morning (no small cause for celebration, that), I don't feel "right." It's almost like I'm hungover (without the fun of drinking the pervious night). By afternoon, I'm better. But, I can't shake the feeling that something is going to eventually come to a head.

    1. Al, that sucks. You might need to check into that. I am not a big doctor fan, but sometimes they can be useful. Could be as simple as blood pressure. Which could end up not being so simple if not dealt with. Mine tends to run low and that cn be a problem, just as much as too high.
      Take care!

    2. My BP is under control, but when I woke up today, I still didn't feel too well (same as what I described above).
      Who knows? I may pop off at any minute.
      On the bright side, I have A-R of the challenge on delayed post. So, no one will know I'm in the past tense until 'S.'

    3. But, if I don't respond to any comments....just make sure any sympathy cards you get are funny.
      You think they sell Sympathy cards with monkeys on them?
      I like monkeys.

    4. I have seen them with monkeys. My husband has been having his bp go wacky and lots of days he just doesn't feel right. Not sure if his is all just his bp. I hope you don't pop off. You have a book sequel to write.
      And I'd be a little sad.


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