Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ten Things Tuesday- Things I Miss

It's been an interesting weekend.

I broke a tiny piece of tooth on a Valentines caramel.
I tried to call the manufacturer and all operators were busy and I got tired of waiting.
I'll try back.

Took Kiddo to the ER for a foot x-ray.
She got kicked while sparring in Taekwondo.
Nothing broken, but she has more bruises appearing.

As my years on this earth grow more plentiful, I find myself missing the way things used to be.
Sure, a lot of things are convenient now.
That's not everything.

1. Eating candy without it sticking in my teeth
     I love Butterfingers. Now, they just stick in my molars and I need a putty knife to pry the candy out. Now, apparently harder caramels are a problem. Sad times.

2. Paying cash
     Having and spending actual green is nice. Some places are not accepting it anymore. Checks or debit/credit only because they don't keep change in the office. What kind of crap is that?

3.  Showing ID to buy alcohol if you looked under 21
     A few years back they changed it. First they changed it to under 27 show ID. Now, everyone has to show ID. At first, it feels flattering that they must think that I look so young. Once I see the sign, the thrill is gone.

4. Clever and/or funny commercials
     I find it amazing how some ads get on the air and how some people think they are great. Apparently, when that puppy/horse Budweiser ad aired during the Superbowl woman actually cried. Really? Now, that's just sad.

5. Automatically knowing what size you wear
     Now, it matters on the brand. First, it started with clothes. Now, it has progressed to shoes and even coats.

6. Store-bought eggs that hard-cooked in 12 minutes
     They seem to take longer and longer to cook the yolk through. There is just something not right about that. Thankfully, I get farmer eggs now and they cook in 12 minutes.

7. Freddie Mercury
     I don't care what Queen thinks. With Freddie gone, they need to pack it in.

8. People not asking for prayers
     People seem to do it all the time. That used to be a church thing. I never know what to say. It's not like I wish the person ill will. I am sorry your daughter/husband/uncle/friend/whoever is sick or in need of a job, but I don't pray.

9. TV shows with reruns only in the summer
     The season started in August and went to the end of May. Now, you are lucky to get a show before October and run to the beginning of May. You are also lucky to get a month's worth of new programming before a rerun is thrown in.

10. Checks going through the bank.
     Before the Automated Clearing House was approved by congress back whenever, the actual paper check had to be processed through your back instead of "electronically represented". No longer can you write a check a day or two before you have the money in the bank cause you will get an overdraft fee of at least $25. Unless, you have figured out which companies use it and which do it the good old fashioned way.
If you are a pay check to pay check kinda person this will possibly add late fees or overdraft fees or, if you are lucky, both.

Of course, I also miss lower gas prices, nicer people, smarter people, and TV that is not affected by the weather.

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Amen! Your post is about things that scream in my head except for the Budweiser commercial. I wasn't aware someone cried watching it. I watched it but nothing in it made me emotional and I'm pretty hormonal on most days! I think prayers are a matter of personal beliefs. I've probably said that a time or two because I didn't want to say. Instead of saying I know what your going through I normally will say it. Now I do say prayers for the days I have to work because Lord knows I don't have bail money!

  2. Gossip_Grl, some people or jobs call for the Serenity Prayer. On the morning news, this man did a story on the Superbowl ads and they had a panel watching and he said women cried. I thought that either I was very cold hearted or all these women were wussies.

  3. 4. The only commercials I like are the AT&T ones with the funny guy in a suit surrounded by a group of kids.

    8. I think it depends on where you live. Hardly anybody discussed religion, prayers etc. in the Chicago area. In a small town, it's very common.

  4. Susie, I am sure you are right. Most of the people I know come from small towns.

  5. #1 - I hear you! I am leery about eating corn-nuts which I love because I FEAR breaking a tooth.

    #2 - We have out here, "Bitcoins" and I haven't used them but I see many stores are accepting them.

    #8 - Regardless if I am a prayer person or not, I don't like to be told or asked to pray for something because I might forget. When I ask for prayer it would be to those I know won't forget. So many of the churchy people just say they will - and forget.

    I miss lower gas prices too. I keep holding out that one day, it will be like it used to be but DEEP down I know, I am only kidding myself.

    1. Coffee Lady, I have heard of bitcoins. No one takes them around here.

  6. I'm always been a fan of using a card instead of cash. What really sucks is when you're at a place that is cash only and there is no way to get it without traveling a couple of miles and back.

    1. Adam, maybe it's a generation thing liking to use cash. Or maybe I'm just odd.

  7. When we lived in Iceland, cards were common. We even used a credit card to buy ice cream (which was fabulous, by the way). So I've gotten used to it. What's even better is that my debit card is used like a credit card (meaning, I don't need to enter a PIN number...by the way, calling it a PIN NUMBER is redundant). On the other hand, Target had all that trouble with credit/debit cards. So...cash...yeah, maybe.

    1. Al, my debit card doubles as credit card too. ATM machine is redundant too, but people say it all the time. Drives me nuts.

    2. I pompously say that about ATM machine to people, too. I have no idea why I have no friends.

  8. I don't know a lot about candy - except that I like it - but one should not break any part of one's tooth on it. Dang. What did they put in that caramel? Sorry that happened.


    1. Hi, Robyn. Sorry for the late reply. I had to go out of town and since I got back I have been trying to get caught up on everything.
      I am just happy that it isn't hurting.


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