Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What Is Going On?

The weather has been extremely weird this summer.

I can't figure it out.

Cold and rainy.
Dry and warm.
Cool, but dry.
Hot and dry.

Another cool down came along.
We didn't run the AC much in July.

August came and it felt more like September.
Cue, the start of school.

Major heat up.
We are talking schools letting out early for the first week and a half of school.

There was still no rain in sight.

Than two days ago, it started cooling down.
It got down to 52 degrees Fahrenheit this morning.

Still no rain.

It is supposed to start heating back up again.
A little bit every day.
90's here we come again!

But, what is it?

Is it the chemtrails(not to be confused with contrails)?
Is it HAARP?
Is it global warming or climate change?
Or it is just Mother Nature being a bitch?


  1. It's called "Global Weirding", which is a real phenomenon you can google. It's the scientific term for Mother Nature being a bitch.

    1. Never heard of global weirding. Search engine, here I come.

  2. it's been a strange summer for sure

    1. Adam, since it snowed in May I should have expected this.

  3. Cold and rainy-- I'm ready for a dose of that for a while. It's been hot here in L.A. for the past week or so. Don't know what's causing the weird weather, but I'm thinking that's just part of the cycle of the world.

    Tossing It Out

    1. Lee, I heard it was horrible out in L.A. A couple years ago, I read an article by a meteorologist and he believed we would have increasingly extreme weather until 2017 and than the earth would enter into a cooling pattern. I don't remember his name or where I found it.

  4. Nice post, great blog, following :)

    Good Luck :)

  5. GranTurismo Driver, thanks. I will be over to check out your blog. :)

  6. Our weather has given us fits and starts.
    There wasn't a single August day which reached ninety degrees (that hasn't happened since 1984). I would applaud this, but it was too cold to go into the pool. Then if it got to the upper 80s (meaning I could go in the pool), there were thunderstorms. And no way I wanted to be floating around when Zeus was casting his bolts of lightning around. I've read where this has been the wettest summer ever. Great.
    Can't wait until it gets cold enough to snow.

    1. Al, you've been hoggin' all the rain! According to the Maine's Farmer's Almanac( didn't know they had one til now) the winter is supposed to be nasty and lots of snow. Yay for us!

  7. Yeah, it's been super hot here in Nor Cal, but they say it's supposed to rain this weekend. Strange.

    Be well, Ruth.

    1. I hope you got rain. You're in a drought. I am in a drought. It's not a good thing.


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