Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Few Problems Here

For starters, I updated to Windows 8 and had to redownload Firefox.
It's my browser of choice.
Unfortunately, now I can't get into my google accounts with it.

I neglected to save my emails or contacts and they have been lost to the netherworld.
Luckily, I had most contacts in other email accounts.
But, Honeyman did not.

It really is amazing how you think this email is needed so you keep it
Only to find that once it is gone
You don't even remember what it was.

I had to download an email program since
SOMEBODY does not like change and webmail.
I don't like the Windows 8 mail and I am the only one with a microsoft account anyway.

On other fronts, my FIL had a major setback and he almost didn't make it.
He was back in ICU, but may be back in a regular room by tomorrow.

His problems has made Honeyman take stock and realize that he needs to make changes to his diet.
And getting healthier.
So, I am helping him with that.

On to the vitamins!
And Kale!
And lots of water!


  1. "I neglected to save my emails or contacts and they have been lost to the netherworld."
    Oh...wait a minute...I think that's nether REGIONS.
    Never mind.
    And good luck.
    Incidentally, who's Kale?

  2. Is he some kind of personal trainer?

    1. Kale lives in the produce department just waiting for someone to bring him home. Maybe Mrs. Penwasser needs to facilitate an introduction one day. Your insides will thank you!

  3. Computers are fantastic! Right up until something goes wrong. Since I switched to Chrome for my browser, all my problems have vanished. I often wonder if they are herding us to only use Google products...

    1. Pat, I was just telling my husband I might have to just start using Chrome more often. You may be right about that.

  4. It always seems that everytime you thing something to do with the computer will be simple, there will be extra challenges.
    I am tempted with Window * but think I might wait until my next computer.

    Not tried kale, perhaps I should look for it

    1. Mynx, it really isn't too bad. A couple things I could do without, but my computer boots up a lot faster and wakes up from sleep easier.
      Kale is not for everyone, but I think it matters how you fix it. I'd say my teenager loves it but she eats lots of things other kids won't touch so that might be a bad gauge.


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