Monday, January 15, 2018

About That

Thanksgiving was decent.
Christmas was a little harder to get through..

After Sheila had her stroke, it was nothing but days of phone calls, messaging, facebook updates, trips to Iowa City to visit with my other sister because Sheila was not responsive, and stress.
It was that way for months.

We'd put out information for family on facebook. It was not a lie. But, it didn't tell the whole story.
So, a lot of people got the idea she was doing a lot better than she was.
She was in the brain injury part of the critical care unit. I don't know what people thought. But, they seemed to think she was talking and everything.
She might answer when she was roused.

The nurse said there was no telling if she would ever do more.
Eventually she did.
Then she didn't.

Two months from today will be the anniversary of her stroke. The day my family was changed.
I really meant to get this wrapped up sooner.
But, Thanksgiving came and I felt better.

My husband's health is getting worse. He has finally decided to work on his diet to see if that helps.
I know! It's about time!
His nephrologist wants to do another kidney biopsy. We will see. Husband is resistant.

My dad started off the new year by getting pneumonia. He went in the hospital and he is actually not smoking. He has smoked for 65 years and has emphysema. He is using the nicotine patches. But, he is quitting because it is getting too expensive. Not for health reasons. But, quitting is quitting.

And my uncle just had surgery for colon cancer. It has already spread to his liver.

Kiddo moved out into the big bad world in December.

I think all the changes going on could chill for a little bit so I can catch a breather.

But, that's how life goes...


  1. Things sure just keep piling on many a time. And hey, if the expensive gets him to quit, at least he quit, as you say. Diet can help. Hopefully it helps him.

    1. Pat, He was gluten free with me before but got tired of it. He felt better, but hated not eating whatever he wanted.. His new doctor thought gluten free would do him some good. He doesn't want to, but he is going to do it. Thanks.

  2. May 2018 offer you the breathers you so deserve, Ruth.
    I'm thrilled that your dad is quitting smoking, whatever the reason. As you say, quitting is quitting.
    Virtual hugs and healing thoughts to you.

    1. Thank you, Robyn. No matter how things turn out, it will be okay.

  3. Gosh I hope things settle down for your family this year. When we hit a certain age, we start noticing our family, friends and ourselves getting older, struggling through new health issues and it does seem it is non-stop. One of my good friends just told me she has b-cell lymphoma. She is 63.

    Here's to good health and good relations for 2018. May we all age gracefully and without pain!

    1. Thank you, Bebby. I am sorry to hear about your friend.

    2. Bad typo. I'm sorry, Debby!

  4. have a great day.


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