Tuesday, August 4, 2020

So, Where Was I

It's been forever ago since I have posted anything on here.
So mush stuff has happened.

I am working full-time.
Honeyman has progressed to stage 5 kidney failure.
My dad now has severe emphysema and is on oxygen, congestive heart failure and stage3B kidney disease.
My mom just had a massive heart attack.
My father inlaw has been in the hospital for the last three months getting over a staph infection.

Life has been a hoot.

I never did get locked down or anything. My job is "critical to the infrastructure". I got a letter telling me so.My hours did get cut back though.
Honeyman got laid off cause of his medical condition while working in a hospital. That lay off became permanent a couple months later.
My hours are back now.

But, anywho...
I don't really have anything cheery to impart.
Most days it is good if I just get through it.

Monday, January 15, 2018

About That

Thanksgiving was decent.
Christmas was a little harder to get through..

After Sheila had her stroke, it was nothing but days of phone calls, messaging, facebook updates, trips to Iowa City to visit with my other sister because Sheila was not responsive, and stress.
It was that way for months.

We'd put out information for family on facebook. It was not a lie. But, it didn't tell the whole story.
So, a lot of people got the idea she was doing a lot better than she was.
She was in the brain injury part of the critical care unit. I don't know what people thought. But, they seemed to think she was talking and everything.
She might answer when she was roused.

The nurse said there was no telling if she would ever do more.
Eventually she did.
Then she didn't.

Two months from today will be the anniversary of her stroke. The day my family was changed.
I really meant to get this wrapped up sooner.
But, Thanksgiving came and I felt better.

My husband's health is getting worse. He has finally decided to work on his diet to see if that helps.
I know! It's about time!
His nephrologist wants to do another kidney biopsy. We will see. Husband is resistant.

My dad started off the new year by getting pneumonia. He went in the hospital and he is actually not smoking. He has smoked for 65 years and has emphysema. He is using the nicotine patches. But, he is quitting because it is getting too expensive. Not for health reasons. But, quitting is quitting.

And my uncle just had surgery for colon cancer. It has already spread to his liver.

Kiddo moved out into the big bad world in December.

I think all the changes going on could chill for a little bit so I can catch a breather.

But, that's how life goes...

Sunday, November 19, 2017

That Was All She Wrote

My last fortune

This was the last thing my sister posted on Facebook before she had her stroke. It turned out to be very prophetic. She never had another fortune cookie.

Sheila was an amazing person.
Her religious belief was paganism.

It is a religion very much based in nature.

She had a lot of stress in her life, but would set it aside and help out if she could.

She also never thought she would live past the age of 36.
But, she did.
So, she quit counting after she hit 36.
She also became grateful for every year she got past that.

She stood up for herself and the people she cared about.
Some people took it wrong and thought she was hard or being a bitch.

She was never malicious, but would tell people the truth and some people didn't like hearing the truth.

She loved puns and the color purple and making jewelry and writing stories.

Every year on Facebook she would share this photo:
The Ides of March. This is also the day she fell.
When we got to the Surgical Neurosciences Intensive Care Unit, the drain lines were already in and they were trying to get her to respond.
I mentioned it being the Ides of March and she actually rolled her shoulders. 
Initially the drain lines were only supposed to be in for five to seven days. 
That didn't happen.